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Our goal and our mission is to help to make a difference through all aspects of education. We aim to reach those children in the most remote villages in the Philippines and help to rebuild and build schools, donate educational supplies and fund education.

We believe that education gives children the power to make decisions about their own lives and by helping to provide and improve children’s education, we are encouraging a change that can affect generations and can change the way in which Filipinos live.

Project Sulangan partners with Golden Giving which is a secure online donation site in which 100% of your donation goes directly to Project Sulangan. Golden Giving do not take a percentage of any donation in any way, which means that every penny donated goes directly to achieveing our goals.

You can make a secure life changing donation here.

PROJECT SULANGAN is a charity registered with the HMRC UK and it was founded officially on February 13 2014.


On November 8 2013, the village of Sulangan in Eastern Samar, Philippines, was directly hit by Super Typhoon Haiyan, known to the Filipinos as Typhoon Yolanda. A typhoon is also known as a tropical cylone or a hurricane consisting of strong winds, thunderstorms and heavy rain rotating together as one.

Typhoon Yolanda was classed as a category 5 super typhoon, it was the deadliest typhoon ever recorded and also the strongest ever to make landfall.

At around 4am on November 8 2013, the super typhoon made its first landfall, in the town of Guiuan, Eastern Samar. A small fishing village at the tip of the island in Guiuan, experienced the full wrath of Yolanda and left the village flattened and devastated.

This village was Sulangan.

With no contact to the island for weeks, the worst was feared. The village was inaccessible due to the amount of debris blocking the roads and as Sulangan is surrounded by water, the hope for survivors was begininng to fade.

After two weeks, aid was beginning to filter into the island and the people were coming to terms with what had been lost and thankful that their lives were spared.

The village consists of around 897 households with 95% of them being damaged by the typhoon. The death toll in the village was registered as 4 people, considering the devastation left upon the village it was a miracle the death toll was not higher.

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