We visited Pagnamitan Elementary School in October 2017 and this was our first visit to the school. Pagnamitan is one of the barangays meaning villages between Sulangan and Guiuan. There we met with Principal Maria Socorro Calvadores who was also teaching a class when we first arrived, which is unusual for Principals. Principal Calvadores informed us that this is due to the lack of teachers. Not only was Principal Calvadores teaching a class but she was also teaching a class in the same room as another class was being taught. The children being taught by the Principal and another teacher in the same room, just had their backs to each other to create some kind of separation between the two grades.

Principal Calvadores informed us that one of their main needs was a multipurpose room which they already had, however as you can see from the pictures it is badly damaged. The roof is partially caved in at both sides leaving it unsafe for the children to be in. The room has clearly fallen into disrepair and needs to be restored to a library / multipurpose room.

What is needed from us?

Repairs to their existing multipurpose building so that it is safe for the children and can be used again.